Jenna B. Radomski, MScN

I am a holistic nutritionist helping women thrive in the preconception through postpartum seasons of life. I live in Portland, Oregon and I am a dog mom, rock climber, and whale lover.

My philosophy around nutrition is all about cultivating a healthy relationship with whole, nutritious foods for the mind, body, and soul. 

I am here for you when you are:
     -Struggling with horrific periods each month
     -Excitedly trying to conceive
     -Wanting support throughout your pregnancy
     -Transitioning postpartum

Through these seasons of life, I am here to support my clients with individualized personal chef services, nutrition coaching, and cooking lessons that bring joy back to food and health back to life!

Hi! I'm Jenna 

My passion stems from the desire to help women show up in the world as the badasses they truly are.

I haven't always been a salad lover and nutrition enthusiast! Let’s rewind to when I started my period at just nine years old. 

I was a child struggling with hormonal imbalances that resulted in a host of symptoms from severe menstrual cramps that kept me home from school to cystic acne that left me feeling alone and self-conscious.

Despite my best efforts to treat my symptoms through countless doctor’s visits, dermatologists, and harsh skincare products, these issues went on for years. I remember feeling frustrated with my body and annoyed by the treatment options I was given.

I soldiered on and coped with my symptoms through my adolescent and teen years. In college, I decided to study Nutritional Sciences because I knew I loved food and science - what a perfect combo, right? 

As my studies progressed, I realized that I was not implementing the information I was learning (and my body was feeling it!), and I had the power and the knowledge to turn it around. 

At this pivotal moment in my life, I discovered holistic medicine and decided to pursue my Master of Science in Nutrition (MScN) degree at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon. In this program, I learned about how what we eat impacts our physical bodies, our minds, our food systems, and the environment. 

Through using food as medicine, I have seen astounding improvements in my periods, skin, and overall well-being. These changes inspired the creation of my women-focused nutrition practice – Jenna Bee Nutrition.

What brought me to the work I do?



My graduate studies at the National University of Natural Medicine in Portland, Oregon combined evidence-based holistic nutrition, hands-on culinary experience, and interactive coaching practice

Bachelor of science - Nutritional sciences     

Minor in Biochemistry

My studies at the University of Arizona in Tucson, Arizona, were heavily science-focused and allowed me cultivate my passion for the human body and science of nutrition

Nutrition Philosophy

When you think of a nutritionist, what comes to mind? Calorie counting? Never eating a piece of bread again? Being judged for your meals? These are common reactions I've gotten over the years - but believe me, these are not a part of my practice.

Here is what you can expect when working with me:

Intuitive Eating

Whole foods


Customized care

I will help you finally stop the diet cycle and find what your body craves and needs to thrive.

Together we will find the tastiest ways to enjoy the freshest ingredients - eating healthy does not have to be bland or boring.

I believe in a world where kale salads and chocolate cake can both exist, don't you?

I use a science-based approach and account for your unique needs to create the best experience for your path to better health.

Fun Stuff

My grandma gave me the nickname jenna bee (my middle name is brianne)

We have the sweetest border collie + aussie shepherd mix, kygo

I am an avid Great british baking show fan (and working on my baking skills!)