For newbies to seasoned home cooks and everyone in-between. My hands-on, experiential cooking lessons will provide the cooking skills and nutrition knowledge you need to boost your confidence when preparing meals for yourself and your family.

Find comfort in knowing that what you cook will be delicious and nourishing.

Stuck in the same old dinner routine rut?
Eliminating certain foods per your doctor's request?
Afraid of ruining even the simplest dishes?

How it works:

1. Schedule a free, no-pressure 20-minute phone consultation
2. I'll hop on the phone with you to gather information to better understand your needs and goals +  determine if we are a fit
3. I create a tailored lesson with recipes to match your goals + preferences 
4. Schedule your lesson* and prepare to get cooking and have fun!

*Lessons take place in the comfort of your own home! I find this environment to be the most relaxed and allows clients to become more confident in their own space with their tools and gadgets.

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Potential Lesson Topics

These lessons are created for you and your specific needs - here are some examples of lessons for a bit of inspiration!

-Proper knife skills
-Cooking for healthy hormones
-Seasonal cooking
-Foods for fertility

-Cooking for kids
-Smoothie recipes
-Gluten-free cooking

-Quick breakfasts
-Meat preparation
-Healthy snacks
-Flavor pairing

-Sustainability in the kitchen
-Vegetarian/vegan cooking
-Batch cooking (meals for the whole week)

-And more! Want to master a certain skill or recipe? Let's chat about it in your free consult!


-Individual lesson: $60/person + cost of groceries
-Couples lesson: $100 + cost of groceries
-Small group lesson (3-6 people): $55/person, includes cost of groceries
-Large group lesson (7-12 people): $50/person, includes cost of groceries

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My fiancé and I had a cooking lesson with Jenna and not only was it tons of fun, but also extremely informative! Jenna has tips and tricks for anyone from beginners to advanced cooks. I was so impressed that she made all of the recipes herself that were custom made to our needs! The food was so delicious, especially for being a gluten-free option. I would highly recommend her services!- M.K.

Learning new cooking techniques with Jenna has made the daunting task of preparing my own meals so much easier to tackle. I felt the class was tailored to my specific lifestyle and health goals - not at all a cookie cutter experience. Best of all, the food tasted amazing!- K.C.