Tried every fad diet out there but still feel unhappy?
Experiencing PMS, infertility, PCOS, gestational diabetes, or postpartum depression?
Overwhelmed by the endless nutrition information online?

My evidence-based and compassionate coaching digs deeper than traditional calorie counting, portion control, and constant weigh-ins. Together, we will identify your biggest obstacles and strategize how to make sustainable lifestyle changes to help you reach your goals.

This isn't about chasing a number on the scale or "getting your body back" after birth. It's about finding love for the body you have and choosing a more joyful life, right now. No dieting. No deprivation. Just great food and self-love.

How it works:

1. Schedule a free, no-pressure 20-minute phone consultation
2. We will discuss your overall goals, concerns, determine if we are a good fit, and choose the right package for your needs
3. Complete intake forms and schedule your 1-hour initial visit either in-person or virtually* 

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*I offer coaching in-person in the greater Portland, Oregon area or by video/phone via the platform Healthie

All Coaching Packages Include:

Initial Visit: 1-hour meeting where we discuss your relevant past medical history, current health concerns/symptoms, obstacles, goals, and both successful and unsuccessful past strategies.

Customized Care: After the initial visit, I will dive deep into your case and create a holistic plan with nutrition, lifestyle, and movement recommendations that we will cover over the course of our time together. You will also receive recipes + handouts specific to your needs. 

Follow-Up Visits: Bi-weekly, 45-minute meetings where we check in about what is working, what is not, and where you need extra nutritional and emotional support. Number of follow-up visits depends on package chosen (see pricing below).

Unlimited Support: In between our meetings, I am available via email and chat via Healthie to answer questions, remind you of your goals, and celebrate your wins!


1-month package (1 initial visit + 3 follow-ups): $325
3-month package (1 initial visit + 7 follow-ups): $625
6-month package (1 initial visit + 13 follow-ups): $1,000
*1 follow-up free!*

9-month package (1 initial visit + 19 follow-ups): $1,300
*3 follow-ups free!*

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In addition to nutrition, you also helped me to understand myself and my body and what does and does not work best for me. It was extremely encouraging talking to you, and since we have talked I have found some alternative ways of thinking when it comes to what I eat, how I exercise, and also how I can better myself for a good night's sleep. Thank you. - C.K.

What I really appreciated about this process of coaching with you was that it was more about looking at the emotions, patterns, and internal messages I experience around food. I was concerned this would be about counting calories, keeping food logs, or some other tedious, time-consuming task. However, you were very flexible and accommodating. I became more aware of limiting beliefs and messages I was holding on to. I discovered a lot about what my triggers are and the part of me that really doesn't believe being healthy and fit is an attainable goal. - C.M.

I can't imagine where I'd be right now if it weren't for Jenna and the work we did. I say "we" because that's exactly how it felt the entire process - like she was guiding, celebrating, and supporting me in every way possible.

Jenna appreciates nutrition in a wholesome way. She doesn't look at food as fads or diets, but instead genuinely cares about your relationship with food and how it serves you and your lifestyle. I found my mental landscape to be quiet, peaceful, and excited after working with Jenna. Before, it felt scared, uncertain, and doubtful. 

I now feel empowered and capable around the food I eat, the way I cook, and how to work with my body to grow a happy and healthy baby. Enjoyment is the word that comes to mind when I think of working with Jenna and what she's helped me tap into when it comes to my health. I couldn't recommend her enough - D.L.